This is Book’s Music

Kinah Boto Ayah

For Song Of Simeon (self-released), Will Scruggs wanted to create a grand statement about the story of Jesus Christ, and knew he could only do it in the name of his Jazz Fellowship. The album tells the story with the kind of playing and arrangements that one might expect from the likes of Charles Mingus or Stan Kenton, and it makes for an incredible set of music, regardless if you are of the faith or not.

The album is divided in two parts, with Part I: The Glory being the bold move and Part II: The Light being the dimming of the sun and the rise of the moon. You may not have heard a Christmas story told in this fashion, but it makes me wish all churches were as great sounding as this one. As the story makes cultural shifts in its journey, the music does too, and in the end it makes the entire project worthwhile, from the massive horn section to the intensity of the percussion. Job well done.

This is Book’s Music – REVIEW: Will Scruggs Jazz Fellowship’s “Song Of Simeon”