Funderhorns on the New Wood Brothers CD

On August 2, 2011 the Wood Brothers released their 4th CD, Smoke Ring Halo, on Southern Ground Records.  For those who don’t already know about the Wood Brothers, Oliver Wood is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter based here in Atlanta.  His brother, Chris Wood, became famous as the bass player for Medeski, Martin and Wood.  I have been a fan of Oliver’s music for several years so I was honored to get the call to play in the horn section for this record along with Wes Funderburk, Joe Gransden, and Marcus Henderson.  The title track was written for and about our friend Adam Mewherter, a wonderful trombone player who passed away in 2009.  Adam’s death left a big hole in the Atlanta music scene, and many people in town still miss him greatly.  The recording session was an emotional experience for all those involved and we’re very grateful to Oliver for capturing Adam’s spirit in this music.  Click here to buy Smoke Ring Halo from the Wood Brothers’ website.